TSH Quiz #1

I love a quiz. Everyone loves a quiz. Which is just as well – today I’ve been overcome with emojion.

Given that the first couple of posts on this blog have been a little heavy, I thought a bit of light relief was needed.

Simple task – name the 20 Test cricketers below whose name has been translated into emojis.

I’ll post the answers after the weekend. To get an alert by email as soon as I post them, sign up to follow the blog by email or on WordPress using the widget in the sidebar, or on the contact page.

If you think you know some or all of the answers, use the form below to submit them and I’ll publish a leaderboard with the answers.

Who knows, there may even be a prize…

Good luck!

emoji quiz

Submit your answers here:


2 thoughts on “TSH Quiz #1

  1. Okay so I only recently converted to iPhone and am still not particularly clued up on emojis but here’s my limp attempt:

    4 I think is Mike Hussey, 6 CB Fry and 8 Alastair Cook

    I’m guessing the meat joint thing is ham but can’t quite see how they could be Botham or Hameed and as for the Easter Island statues?!

    2 is presumably Dane someone?

    I’d like to say Ryan ten Doescate for 15 but…?

    Is 17 somebody Anderson?


  2. All will be revealed soon…
    As a hint, all of the emojis relate to a syllable in the player’s name. Nothing is there for description; for example, don’t assume that 15 is a South African player (or Dutch) just because of the flag!


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