Web logs

Peering at the personal sites of some of the biggest names in world cricket, floating in the toilet bowl of the internet

What do you think of Grigory Rasputin?

This man had a certain talent that allowed him to wield power over people. I think that he was an eccentric person.

What is your favourite quote?

“Comfort is a big disease, make sure you get out of your comfort zone”


There is one inconvenient truth that sportspeople, cricketers included, want to hide from us. Continue reading “Web logs”


CricIndex 1st Test Smokescreen podcast

img_0291The guys at CricIndex we’re foolish enough to let me loose on the airwaves yesterday. Putting the special into ‘special guest’.

In the first Ashes Smokescreen, their post-Test review series, host Amit Kohli and I discuss the fallout from Australia’s customary Gabba walloping of England. But the hosts didn’t have it all their own way. Continue reading “CricIndex 1st Test Smokescreen podcast”

The Ashes: a pleadiction

When the clock strikes midnight, weeks of prediction will be put to the test. But what then?

The gift of cricket

“I never make predictions, and I never will” Gazza once said. It’s a sensible strategy; beyond making a simple quantitative, measurable assertion (“Australia will win”), most predictions unravel swiftly as the session / match / series script evolves. That’s why we watch sport in the first place.

Given the weeks of build up, and the coin toss being only a few hours away, any prediction I might make will be just a drop in the ocean of punditry that we have swam across. [For what it’s worth, Australia 3-1, Smith and Hazlewood as destroyers in chief] Continue reading “The Ashes: a pleadiction”

Ashes 2017/18 Fantasy League

There will be plenty on this blog about the Ashes over the next couple of months, but there’s no better way to break the duck than by doing something with my favourite hobby.

In Tuesday’s post No play today, I moaned that there is apparently no fantasy league anywhere to be seen, even though the Ashes is only two weeks away.

So let’s do one ourselves! Presenting… Continue reading “Ashes 2017/18 Fantasy League”