Advent calendar: 3rd December

Advent calendar 3

Two down, 22 to go. Yesterday’s answer to the question “who is the holder of the ‘lineal champion’ belt for Test cricket” was…


Congratulations to Lostmertonian, the only entrant to get it right. 5 points for you!

The answer may seem somewhat predictable but the curious thing is that it only takes one win to claim the belt and then the vagaries of the fixture calendar take over. What may be more surprising is that Australia only just won it back… from England in the 1st Test in Brisbane!

There’s lots of material there, so expect a fully-fledged article about the topic soon.

Onto the next question…

3rd December


A team comes out to bat. Unfortunately they are really having an off day. Their lose all 10 of their wickets in the first 10 balls of the innings, each batsman clean bowled. There were no extras scored, so they were 0 all out.

Which number batsman was not out at the end?



‘How to play’ recap

Every day there will be a quiz question. Could be anything – picture, trivia, the CPS announcement of the Stokes charging verdict. Anything.

Reply using the form below the question each day. In general, the first five people to answer correctly get 5,4,3,2,1 points, although this may change on any given day if the question doesn’t lend itself to this format.

At the end of the 24 days, the winner based on cumulative score will be announced. Updates along the way of course. I’m sure we can rustle up a prize too…



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