Advent Calendar: 13th December

Advent calendar 13.png

An apology.

To my eternal shame, I got the information in yesterday’s question wrong. I have immediately fined myself £1,500, will not play a game for England on this tour, and have exiled myself to a nearby sheep-loving country (Wales).

When I said “Mark Butcher and Ian Harvey”, I actually meant “Mark Butcher and Kieron Pollard“…

12th December

Mark Butcher played 71 Tests without playing an ODI, Kieron Pollard has played 101 ODIs without playing a Test

These are the highest figures in each case. This of course has only been applied to players who have had the chance to play in both formats, so pre-ODI era players are excluded, as are Ireland and Afghanistan players. In the case of the former, Kevin O’Brien and William Porterfield have played 115 and 109 ODIs respectively…

So no points yesterday, but I will be very generous with today’s question!

Leaderboard remains:

44 Lostmertonian

13 Matthew Barrett, John Hawinkels, Ajay Sugavanam, Mick

11 Alex Crompton,

9 Jonny Gould

7 Liam Kelly

Tom Cotterell, stephenfh

2 Elliott Charles

1 Vishakh Chandrasekhar

Might have to make the Christmas Eve question worth 100 points. Deep breath.

13th December


Spot the ball! Please give the grid reference for where you think Haydos has placed his shot in this picture:

Spot the ball.png


‘How to play’ recap

Every day there will be a quiz question. Could be anything – picture, trivia, the CPS announcement of the Stokes charging verdict. Anything.

Reply using the form below the question each day. In general, the first five people to answer correctly get 5,4,3,2,1 points, although this may change on any given day if the question doesn’t lend itself to this format. Bonus points may also make an appearance!

At the end of the 24 days, the winner based on cumulative score will be announced. Updates along the way of course. I’m sure we can rustle up a prize too…



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