Advent Calendar: 16th-18th December

Advent calendar 16Another bumper Monday edition for you.

On Friday we asked you to identify the best upper lip furniture the cricketing world has to offer…


Kapil Dev, Merv Hughes, Jack Russell, Shikhar Dhawan, Graham Gooch

David C and Chris P 10, Mick 4, Stephen 3, Matt B 2.


44 Lostmertonian

17 Mick

16 Alex Crompton

15 Matthew Barrett

14 Jonny Gould

13 John Hawinkels, Ajay Sugavanam

10 David Cook, Chris Parr

8 Stephenfh

7 Liam Kelly

Tom Cotterell, Steffen Freund, Tim Barber

2 Elliott Charles

1 Vishakh Chandrasekhar

16th December


Alastair Cook just played his 150th Test. He has taken 1 wicket. Who was his unfortunate bunny?


17th December


Which bowler-fielder combination has been responsible for the most Test wickets?


18th December


We need some light relief today. Give us a cricket-based joke. Points indiscriminately awarded for the funniest.



‘How to play’ recap

Every day there will be a quiz question. Could be anything – picture, trivia, the CPS announcement of the Stokes charging verdict. Anything.

Reply using the form below the question each day. In general, the first five people to answer correctly get 5,4,3,2,1 points, although this may change on any given day if the question doesn’t lend itself to this format. Bonus points may also make an appearance!

At the end of the 24 days, the winner based on cumulative score will be announced. Updates along the way of course. I’m sure we can rustle up a prize too…



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