Advent Calendar: 19th December

Advent calendar 19

Another bumper Monday edition to round up, so without further ado…

16th December: Alastair Cook took the wicket of Ishant Sharma at Trent Bridge in 2014, a filthy strangle down the leg side.

17th December: Lillee / Marsh

18th December: many points awarded, but the best by far was this possibly apochryphal story from a mid 90s Aussie tour to England from Mick…

Wives and partners were not permitted on this tour, and one particularly promiscuious member of the touring team was known for being out late at night and usually finding himself in ladies’ bedrooms. He needed to be back at the team hotel in time for the breakfast curfew, so he set an alarm on his watch for 5:45 am. No problem.

After winning the Ashes (again) our hero returned to Australia to a ticker-tape parade, the team were national heroes (still) and a massive party was organised by the authorities to celebrate the victory. This time wives and partners were invited. The next morning, the alarm he had forgotten to cancel goes off at 5:45 am!!

Still being pissed, our hero says, “shit, I’d better bet going, I don’t want to get caught in your bed!”

His also-still-drunk wife replied “it’s OK, my husband is away on an Ashes tour in England, he wont be home for another month or so!”


44 Lostmertonian

27 Mick

23 Alex Crompton, Jonny Gould

19 Chris Parr

15 Matthew Barrett, Stephenfh

13 John Hawinkels, Ajay Sugavanam

10 David Cook

7 Liam Kelly

Tom Cotterell, Steffen Freund, Tim Barber

2 Elliott Charles

1 Vishakh Chandrasekhar

18th December


During the 1990/91 Ashes tour to Australia, David Gower and John Morris famously borrowed a plane to buzz Robin Smith and Allan Lamb during a warm-up match against NSW. What model of plane did they use?


‘How to play’ recap

Every day there will be a quiz question. Could be anything – picture, trivia, the CPS announcement of the Stokes charging verdict. Anything.

Reply using the form below the question each day. In general, the first five people to answer correctly get 5,4,3,2,1 points, although this may change on any given day if the question doesn’t lend itself to this format. Bonus points may also make an appearance!

At the end of the 24 days, the winner based on cumulative score will be announced. Updates along the way of course. I’m sure we can rustle up a prize too…



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