Advent Calendar: The End!

Advent calendar End

Happy new year, quizzers!

Just a couple of answers to give before we reveal the winner…

23rd December

Herschelle Gibbs

World Cup 2007, South Africa vs Netherlands, Dan van Bunge bowling

Yuvraj Singh

World T20 2007, England vs India, Stuart Broad bowling

Sobers and Shastri also did it in first-class matches.


24th December

There have been 43 Test hat-tricks

A disproportionate number by England players it seems, including in recent times…


The final leaderboard, and it was close in the end after a late charge:

59 Lostmertonian

58 Mick

34 Alex Crompton

27 Chris Parr

25 Stephenfh

23 Jonny Gould

19 Matthew Barrett

15 David Cook, Steffen Freund

13 John Hawinkels, Ajay Sugavanam

7 Liam Kelly

6 Tim Barber

Tom Cotterell

2 Elliott Charles, Pat Part

1 Vishakh Chandrasekhar

Congratulations to our winner – richly deserved for some amazing knowledge shown throughout the competition. I’ll buy you a prize the next time we run into each other in Sydenham Sainsbury’s!

All that remains for me to say is thank you very much for entering. I can get back to some writing now, so look out for articles as they hit the site. The easiest way to do this is to hit the follow-by-email button on the right or at the bottom, depending on the type of device you are using.

And, yes, there will be more quizzes…


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