The Unsportsmen podcast: ‘Best of 12?’

IMG_0522I’m back with Tom and Aaron, The Unsportsmen, this time turning the tables on them following England’s fightback in the ODI series.

The big questions tackled this edition include:

  1. Do England make Australia look good or Australia make England look bad?
  2. Would have just playing the ODI team in the Tests have got us a better result?
  3. Why can’t Jason Roy hit it off the square in the BBL?

Tune in to the podcast…

…here (iTunes)…

…or here (in browser).


“All the gear. No idea.” Welcome to the world of The Unsportsmen, delving into all things sport on a weekly basis, armed with an unflattering arsenal of a podcast, written articles, interactive conversation and a lack of research. The team hail from the small intestine of the sporting body in Newcastle, Australia. In the words of Beavis and Butthead, these kids have no future.


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