Welcome to The Straight Hit. First of all, thank you for visiting; this is my first blogging venture, so your support means a lot.

My aim is to explore the outer reaches of the cricketing community and report on topics otherwise untouched by commentators. I will of course offer my own perspectives on the big stories in the sport, but the overall ambition is to offer you something fresh and exciting.

Whatever the content, I will abide by the principles that the name of this blog suggests: tricky topics, honest opinions, delivered in a timely fashion.

At the same time I will look for voices that may otherwise not get heard. Expect guest writers to appear on a regular basis, most of which, I hope, will have not found any other outlet for their thoughts and feelings about the sport we all love.

As for me – sport, and particularly cricket, has always been my passion. I play to a reasonable standard, but I am more of a sportsman than an athlete! Professionally, I work in commercial strategy, currently in the student accommodation sector, but I recently spent a year working in the sports industry, first at WPP-owned sports strategy agency Two Circles, and latterly in the strategy team at the ECB.

Please bear in mind that all opinions are my own and should not be attributed to my current or any former employer.

Whatever your opinions of The Straight Hit, please do get in touch by clicking the contact link in the header for details.