Ashes 2017/18

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TSH Ashes 2017-18 Fantasy League 5.4

*** Final points ***

Correct to end of the 5th Test

Congratulations to the winner…

Paddy von Behr

Handscomb Devils

Thank you to everyone for playing. Watch out for future fantasy leagues…


“Now pay close attention, I will say this only once…”

The following is also in the main file, but for ease of reference…

The rules

Where would we be without rules? (France – © Al Murray, Pub Landlord)

Scoring system

Fantasy scoring

Team composition

  1. Batsman
  2. Batsman
  3. Batsman
  4. Batsman
  5. Batsman
  6. All-rounder / batsman
  7. Wicket keeper
  8. All-rounder / bowler
  9. Bowler
  10. Bowler
  11. Bowler

No more than 7 players from either side allowed in each team


You must select a captain for each test; his points tally will be doubled for that game


You may make unlimited changes between Tests. New players will be added when squads are announced.