The Ashes: a pleadiction

When the clock strikes midnight, weeks of prediction will be put to the test. But what then?

The gift of cricket

“I never make predictions, and I never will” Gazza once said. It’s a sensible strategy; beyond making a simple quantitative, measurable assertion (“Australia will win”), most predictions unravel swiftly as the session / match / series script evolves. That’s why we watch sport in the first place.

Given the weeks of build up, and the coin toss being only a few hours away, any prediction I might make will be just a drop in the ocean of punditry that we have swam across. [For what it’s worth, Australia 3-1, Smith and Hazlewood as destroyers in chief] Continue reading “The Ashes: a pleadiction”


A fan with a laptop

JrodYou know you are having fun when an experience seems to last as long as a Cook ‘daddy’ hundred but is also over in the time it takes a Steyn bouncer to whistle past your nose.

This Saturday I sat in Jarrod Kimber’s dining room for eight hours learning how to be a better writer. If you have read my first two pieces on this blog, this may come as a relief to you. Continue reading “A fan with a laptop”

Shots fired…

Australia’s on-field commanders have sent a salvo across England’s bows, but their strategy could backfire.

David WarnerEvery sporting event has that moment; when the hyperbolic build-up demanded by the modern media crystallises into reality. The par three competition at Augusta National, the Olympic Games opening ceremony, the FA Community Shield; regardless of the practice rounds, the disciplines that began early, the lower tier fixtures, these are the moments when the extended periods of dispassionate analysis give way to involuntary reflexes. The saliva fills our mouth, our eyes narrow to tunnel vision, our heart skips a beat. Continue reading “Shots fired…”

Welcome to The Straight Hit

I won’t keep you long, but I just wanted to say a brief thank you for taking the time to read this blog.

My aim is to explore the outer reaches of the cricketing community and report on topics otherwise untouched by commentators. I will of course offer my own perspectives on the big stories in the sport, but the overall ambition is to offer you something fresh and exciting. Whatever the content, I will abide by the principles that the name of this blog suggests: honest opinions, difficult topics, delivered in a timely fashion.

At the same time I will look for voices that may otherwise not get heard. Expect guest writers to appear on a regular basis, most of which, I hope, will have not found any other outlet for their thoughts and feelings.

That’s enough throwdowns.