Further reading

Here are some other blogs I think you might enjoy. Other suggestions more than welcome – please do get in touch if you have any.

The Unsportsmen

“All the gear. No idea.” The Unsportsmen will delve into all things sport on a weekly basis, armed with an unflattering arsenal of a podcast, written articles, interactive conversation and a lack of research. The team hail from the small intestine of the sporting body in Newcastle, Australia. In the words of Beavis and Butthead, these kids have no future.


Corinthian Spirit

“Sport for it’s own sake.” Thoughtful opinion pieces and hot-off-the-press match reports covering a broad sporting spectrum.


The Jackalist

“Never knowingly on our feet.” If you’ve a passing interest in international rugby but are interested in how footwork in lineouts wins matches rather than chat about passion, and 3 paragraphs about how important locks are in the modern game rather than naming the winning fly half as man of the match, then this could be the place for you.


Guerilla Cricket

It’s ball-by-ball like you’ve never heard before; it’s ball-by-ball with your mates; it’s ball-by-ball covering all England international matches and much more besides; it’s high-brow, it’s low-brow, it’s laughter, it’s song (just wait till you hear our jingles) all in the company of a knowledgeable collective of comedians, journalists, musicians, classicists, an MCC committee member, and a woman with a Master’s in meerkat behaviour (they’re bastards apparently).

And YOU, contributing via twitter on the issues at hand from one of the 193 countries who’ve already learnt of the Guerilla legend.